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The Trip Takers single

Graphic design & branding

What I did
Front cover, back cover, label and merchandise.



More Info

The Trip Takers are an Italian band suspended in the limbo between the conservatism of vintage sounds and the genuine and sincere "revivalism". The result is a sound that is clearly recognizable from the point of view of conceptual influences but vividly peculiar at the same time.

The Trip Takers project starts from the bases left in the mid-60s by anglophone’s freakbeat and garage bands, to incorporate psychedelic atmospheres that expand the sound, making it addictive, thanks to vintage instruments on the front line.

The first Extended-Play vinyl record named "The Trip Takers" was published by Area Pirata Records in October of 2017 and it was favourably received by musical connoisseurs and specialised press.

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